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twiconic's Journal

Twiconic // A community for Twilight graphics
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A community for all Twilight graphics
twiconic is a community for sharing any icons related to the Twilight saga! Feel free to join this community, even if you only want to take a look around. I hope you enjoy the community. Contact dazzled1918 if you have any problems.

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Here at twiconic , we are pretty care-free, but there are a few rules that I need to enforce...

001. Each post should contain at least 5 icons, unless it is a request post

002. Feel free to also post a header, wallpaper, or any other graphics with your icons

003. Please use an lj-cut if your post contains more than 5 icons

004. If you are using an lj-cut, state how many icons the cut leads to

005. Strictly no hotlinking. Because it sucks.

006. If somebody asks for credit, give them credit when taking

007. Comment! There is nothing more disheartening than having no comments on work that took you forever!!